Shannen's main TV show roles

Shannen's Main TV show Roles 

Jenny Wilder, Little House On The Prairie, 1982 Aged 11, Shannen Doherty scored a part on Little House On The Prairie as Jenny Wilder, daughter of Royal. She undergoes some strong storylines, such as trying to commit suicide after her Father dies.

Kris Witherspoon, Our House, 1986

True to the title, Our House was actually about a house… kind of. This family-friendly, hour-long drama centered on a beautiful old Victorian house owned by Gus Witherspoon. Gus was a grumpy old codger who was set in his ways and used to keeping his own company. However, his solitude ended when his son died and his son’s widow, Jessie, was forced by financial concerns to move in with him. Along for the ride were Jessie’s three children: fifteen-year-old Kris, twelve-year-old David, and eight-year-old Molly.
The stories revolved around how this group of people, all at different ages and stages of personal growth, learned how to co-exist peacefully under one roof. Sometimes it was difficult, but by the end of each episode, everyone—no matter how young or old—learned a little something about the art of compromise and the value of family. The show ran for just under two seasons, ending its run in June of 1988, after which young star Shannen Doherty (Kris) moved on to longer-lasting success as Brenda on Beverly Hills 90210.

Brenda Walsh, Beverly Hills 90210, 1990 Twins Brandon and Brenda begin school at trendy West Beverly High after moving from Minnesota. Brandon joins the newspaper and meets Andrea Zuckerman, the intelligent and devoted editor. Brenda is befriended by snobbish Kelly, who picks her as a chemistry lab partner to avoid being paired with a fat girl. A rich but reclusive girl invites the entire school (except the freshmen) to a party at her house, complete with a live rock band. Freshmen David and Scott crash the party, and the drunken Steve asks David to drive him home. David accidentally damages the car, prompting Steve to begin a frantic search for the culprit. Brandon connects with the hostess, Marianne, and goes on a date with her. He insinuates that they slept together, prompting rumors to fly at school. Andrea is disappointed in him. Brandon clears the air about Marianne over the campus radio station. He follows Andrea home to explain himself, and discovers that she lives out of district. Brenda and her friends get fake IDs, but only Brenda gains entry to a club. She becomes romantically involved with a lawyer in his mid 20s, but her academic performance and relationship with her family begin to suffer.

Prue Halliwell, Charmed 1998-2001

Charmed is a highly successful television series about three witches using their powers to ptotect the innocent. Prue Halliwell is the oldest sister with magnificent confidence. She is a perfectionist and highly intellegent, she is both a graduate and undergraduate. She is also compassionate, however, always sympathising with the "underdog". Prue has an excellent memory and can remember anything without needing to write it down. She left the show in 2001 and the show is still going strong.