Shannen's departure from Charmed

When Alyssa joined the show, there was a ton of stuff written about how the two delinquent divas were going to be at each other's throats. How did the two of you handle that?

We'd both been through that kind of mill before and we both knew how to deal with it. It was a mountain of crap, and we weren't going to spend any time rolling around in it. It didn't affect our relationship at all. We've both had things written about us long before this show. Both of us had big fan followings. It's obvious that people were trying to sell papers. We were mature enough to get it. None of the instigation went anywhere, because we are friends. We like each other. If I had pulled her aside to clear the air before we started working together, that would mean I would assume that any of those crap allegations were true. I never did.

Did the expectation of disaster create a bond between you?

It actually did. But I think we would've grown close, anyway. And the three of us have grown closer over the years. We've meshed. But the dynamics change constantly. When one of us is depressed or down, the others try to help out. We try to be considerate of each other. It's funny. In the beginning we were very different, but we've sort of blended elements of our individual personalities into each other. We're much more similar now.

So how have you, Holly, and Alyssa had an effect on each other since you've been together?

I remember when Holly used to worry about voicing her opinions. Then she saw how Alyssa and I have been able to make positive changes on the show. We gave her assertiveness and now nobody can shut her up when she has something on her mind. Alyssa's made me feel less self-conscious about being funny. She's crazy and has no inhibitions. I was never like that, but I've opened up a lot more because of her. Now she's taken on some of my more serious nature. She can be very levelheaded when she needs to be.

We want to set the record straight about you leaving "Charmed."

I think there's always going to be rumors. As far as I'm concerned, it adds to the whole mystery of my career. It certainly didn't hurt me after "90210? that there were rumors floating around. It won't really affect me now, either. I went in to Paramount in December and asked them to let me off the show. That was my request. I was unhappy, and I just felt that the work wasn't fulfilling, and that there was too much drama on the set and not enough passion for the work. I just didn't want to be a part of it. I'm 30-years-old and I don't have time for drama in my life anymore. I'm really focused and I just want to do good work and to prove my ability as an actress. I wasn't able to do that on that show. I want to work with actors who really care and who want to be there every single day. I don't want to be with people who bitch about their job, and complain about it and say that they hate it or anything else. I want to work with people who care as much as I do, because that's when you do your best work. I'll miss HOLLY (MARIE COMBS a lot. That's really the only thing I want to clear up and I know that she wants to clear up. We've spoken like every single day since I've been in Winnipeg, and she's one of my best friends and I love her dearly. There were never, ever, any problems between the two of us.

After all the rumors about why you left Charmed — including backstage feuding with covenmate Alyssa Milano — would you like to take this chance to clarify things for the record?

You know, I don't really want to be given the opportunity to clear the record. I have absolutely nothing to say. Details magazine will be out in August — that's probably the most honest interview that you'll ever read with me. I picked one magazine to tell the true story in and… if somebody wants to read it, then great. My opinion is, it really doesn't matter. I moved on, they moved on and who cares? You know, everything gets so blown out of proportion by the press that after awhile, you just gotta bury your head in the sand and go, 'I'm done talkin' about it.'

Any parting advice for your replacement, Rose McGowan?

[grinning mischievously] No, I think Rose will do a fine job, actually. I think Rose can hold her own and she's very sexy and beautiful — and I think it's actually going to make for a very interesting show, to be honest with you. I wish them all the luck.