Wanna know Shannen's secrets?

WARDROBE: I recently went on a mad splurge of cashmere sweaters. I bought tons of gorgeous colors and shapes. There is just basically a sea of cashmere in my closet. I have a good excuse, though: I'm allergic to wool! My wardrobe is pretty foolproof, really, because I have two closets to pull from at any given time: mine and Prue's. I love to shop, but when you are on a TV show and have so many clothes thrown at you - somehow it takes the thrill out of it. On Charmed, Shannen is outfitted by costume designer Molly Harris Campbell. By day, she's in Katayone Adeli or Bette Paige tops, dresses by Betsey Johnson or Mark Wong Nark, and high-helled sandals.

Does Shannen have any fashion tips?
"No," she says. "Although I'm not a huge fan of tight, short skirts that show your butt."

BEAUTY: "I don't care how stunning you are, everybody is insecureabout their looks," says Shannen. "But I'm getting more secure. And I'm not obsessed with the outer shell. I knew that there people who didn't think i was attractive, and maybe that bothered me before, but now i don't care. my eyes aren't perfectly even and I used to have really bad buck teeth. But I think I've grown into my face more, which I'm really happy about."

According to Lucienne Zammit, make-up artist Cloutier Agency in LA, Shannen can look great without much make-up. To Shannen's bone-china complexion, Lucienne applies translucent powder or a light coat of Stila Complete Coverage Foundation. The she creates a natural look with Prescriptives Softlining Pencil eyeliner in Cocoa, Stila Ebony with Monlight eyeshadow and Lorac Amethyst lip gloss.

Laurent D of Privé Salon in LA shaped Shannen's new hairdo, a chic layered bob with a long fringe. He uses his De Frizz Relaxing Balm to keep her hair from getting "poufy". After blow-drying, he adds drops of Laminateur for shine.

SEXY VS. CLASSIC: There are moments that I really enjoy playing up my sexuality. I have this favorite dress by D & G; I call it the sexy Italian housedress. It's got daisies on it and wraps around your body with a deep V-neck. Sometimes I wear it to the market just so I can feel really great.

LONGING FOR: If I could spend the money, I would buy the big-mama Hermes Kelly bag. Not the little one - I treated myself to that a while back. No, I mean the big one. I think it costs something like $10,000! If I was the female version of Bill Gates, and I had that much money, I would donate millions to charity, so then it wouldn't be bad to buy a ten-grand purse.

EXERCISE: Shannen mey eat whatever she likes but she works it off in the gym. She does about 1250 abdominal crunches a week and aerobics every other day. And, she claims, everything about her is natural. "And it's absolutely nobody's business but my own," she says.

She has three horses, Louisito, Samourzakam and Alberro. "Riding is a total escape," she says. "It's calming, but it's also my passion. Some people meditate - i ride horses."

SOLE GIRL: I have something like 235 pairs of shoes in there. They are all on display, rows and rows of them. I love to look at them. Right now, I'm trying to find this Sergio Rossi high black heel - the one with the strip of beads across the front - but I can't find it anywhere!

DIET: Shannen would be the first to admit that her diet is very unhealthy. A fan of greasy food, for breakfast she typically carbo-loads on banana hotcakes at Duke's in West Hollywood. Lunch might be hot chips, coffee and lots of cigarettes.

"I feel bad that I smoke," says Shannen, who used to campaign against smoking as a teenager. She drinks, too, but in moderation these days.

"I'll have a glass of red wine at dinner, but that's it. You won't see me out at a bar getting wasted any more."