The truth about Shannen's temper

Even though it was years ago ('Beverly Hills, 90210--), you'll always be known as a wild child. Does that bother you?

I realize that's a stigma that's now attached to me, I know that. But I've worked hard to get rid of it. I've worked hard to improve myself as a human being. I've worked hard to go to therapy. I don't want credit for it. I just want people to knock it off. Enough is enough.

Most people think you're quite the ass kicker …

I have a very, very good punch. I got it right. I may be skinny, but I'm really strong. I was on the set of a very bad movie and the producer was this really sleazy guy. It was a scene where I was waking up from bed and I had on underwear and a tank top. I was walking by him and he said some disgusting, mal chauvinistic, sexist remark, like, "You really do something for those Calvins, the way your ass moves." I turned around to punch him, he moved out of the way and I hit the wall instead and fractured my wrist. If ever I got in a fight, I would just miss the mark. I would never be able to hold my own. If somebody called me on it one day, like, let's say I startet mouthing off to someone and they were like, "Come here, bitch," and got in my face, I'd start crying and run.

Shannen: "The truth about my temper"

In the papers I was accused of pulling a gun on my ex-fiance Dean Jay Factor. I'm stating in here that it didn't happen. Though I did lose my temper with him in a fight, I'm petrified of guns; I hate them. I could have sued the newspapers for their lies, which would have taken aboput a year, or just ignor it. So I chose to ignor it.

Few people get to see how emotionally vulnerable I am. The biggest misconception about me is that I'm tough. In realaity I'll walk away from every fight because I'll get my ass kicked, and because it's not worth it. That's not to say I won't defend myself, because I will.

It was reposrted that I smashed a bottle over a man's car. Afterwards a court ordered me to attend anger threapy. It was hilarious. The therapist cried throughtout telling me her problems and wrote to the court saying "This girl is far from angry. She was defending herself against a man who was threatening her. What do you expect?"

My Bad-girl image makes me laught - I'm one of the tamest human beings you'll ever meet. We all have that wild side, and maybe once or twice a year I'll go out and get a little crazy. But for the most part I'll be at home scrubbing my floors. That's as wild as I get these days.