Dean Factor

At the end of the Eighties, Shannen meets Dean Factor, the richissime heir to the famous cosmetics. They leave has Hawaii and are fiançaillent into 90.

“After eight month of happiness, I wearied myself of him. The day of our rupture, I joked by saying to him that I was going to engage a killer for me débarasser of him. He believed me. And made me a lawsuit."

                                      Chris Foufas

In 1991, it leaves with Chris Foufas, a real-estate agent. Their relation is completed when Shannen meets another man. Chris would have carried felt sorry for bus Shannen would have tried to crush it in the car.

                                    Ashley Hamilton

Only two months after having made its knowledge, Shannen marries Ashley Hamilton on September 24, 1993. Their relation will last until April 1994. No member of their family is invited to the ceremony which proceeds in the absolute discretion. Wire of the célébre actor George Hamilton, it declares: “I liked it. But it was a serious error. I did not know how to manage the drifts of one doped. I too much made some to him undergo with my problems of drug. We liked, but it was too young to support a guy as destroying as me.”

And Shannen to retort: “To marry Me with Ashley was an unforgivable error. I quite simply needed to feel me liked, but I quickly realized that we were not made to be together. This relation was a true disaster.”

                                     Judd Nelson

It leaves with Judd Nelson time the catches sight of “Blinfold” in 1994

                                      Rob Weiss

It becomes engaged to Rob Weiss, a realizer, in 1995. So far, this relation remains that which counted the most for Shannen. They separated and given together several times. Finally, in 1998, they decide, by mutual agreement, to separate. It says of him: “It crossed with me the most tumultuous period of my existence. And an essential role in the maturity played which I acquired”. There remains his most faithful friend and nearest. “Even if we are separated today, it will be in my heart all my life.”.

As for him: “It is misunderstood. A wounded cat which scratches fear of being scratched.”

                                 Julian McMahon

It starts to leave with Julian McMahon to have left Charmed (2001) shortly after. They spend their holidays to St Bartholomé in the Antilles. They are left the next winter without making statements, Shannen said of him: “It has a heart out of gold and I am charmed that it entered my life”.

                                    Rick Solomon

January 2002, Shannen Married  Rick Solomon, the leader of a site of money bets on the Net. She met it during the festivals of Christmas. They separate a few months after but remain all the same in good terms.

                                      Torch Davis

Torch Davis, a lovesong of a few months begun during the autumn 2002.

                                   Andrew Levitas

Andrew Levitas, with Shannen

Shannen has other people who she has been with,but these are the only known ones that have been seen in public with her and are known.