Quotes said by Shannen

SHANNEN'S QUOTES (sorry about the numbers)

7. I climbed Mount Everest.

8. You want me to nay at this early in the morning.

9. I’m Irish, its all about steak and potatoes.

10. I’m Irish and we’re proud of our drinking.

11. I’m human and I’m bound to make mistake.

12. They are not supportive of this business. There supportive of me, but not this business. They’ve seen what this has done. It has hurt me in a lot of ways…it hurt my feelings and their's.- On her parent’s

13. My parents has always taught me to be honest.

14. My mom is a very strong woman. I learn a lot from her.

15. As a child I had more fun reading and playing by myself.

16. Acting was just something I fell into that I enjoyed immensely.

17. I did the same exact same things that other kids my age did.

18. I got to work with Michael Landon. He was God to me.

19. Almost no one knows who Shannen Doherty is. I try to keep that private.

20. I found out that on the set smoking is somewhat of a stress reliever for me.

21. Its like, if your happy I’m gone, then stop commenting me. Stop saying things about me. It’s petty and childish.- after leaving 90210

22. TV. Audiences has always been loyal and for that I’m externally grateful. My fans been with me since “Little House.”

23. I’m not saying I don’t have my moment of bitchiness because everybody has them.

24. Yeah, I admit it, I’m open to different ideas. But if you get on my bad side and don’t listen to me and you don’t treat me as much respect as you treat a man, then you have a problem.

25. I’m getting more secure.

26. I went into his office and he hugged me and said “ Welcome back, kiddo. Do you want to do this together or what?” and I said, “ Yeah, let’s go for it.” – On Aaron Spelling

27. I think Rose does a great job. She’s a great girl.- On Rose McGowan

28. I feel like a new kid in school and fear of being judged and people not liking me is very scary.- On North Shore

29. Life changes when you’re in your thirties. You grow up. Live your life, be a good person, believe in God, trust in yourself. That’s all you can do.

30. I've tried desperately to be given a second chance with the media, and it has not been given to me. And at this point, I sort of have to walk away and go, 'You know what, I've got to live my life and I've got to do what makes me happy. And if people don't want to let go of stuff that happened 10 years ago, then that's their thing. It can't be mine.