Back in April 12 1971 a new star was born. Her name is Shannen Maria Doherty, a very cute and talented child. In her family, her father Tom, works at a bank; her mother Rosa, is the owner of a beauty parlor; she also has an older brother named Sean born 1967. When young Shannen’s father had a stroke after his trucking company went under, she became the main breadwinner for her family Shannen always wanted to become a really good actress, her parents didn’t like her idea but Michael Landon took a liking to the young Shannen and cast her as Jenny Wilder in the final season of Little House on the Prairie, which was retitled Little House: A New Beginning. In 1985, at age 14, Shannen starred with Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun.In 1986, she starred with Deidre Hall, Wilford Brimley and Chad Allen in Our House, a TV series about a widowed mother who has to move in with her gruff father-in-law.
In 1988, she was one of the three “Heathers” in the cult teen suicide comedy starring Winona Ryder. Her performance caught the attention of Tori Spelling, who recommended to her father that he audition Shannen for a role in his new show, Beverly Hills, 90210.
Shannen Doherty became very famous worldwide because of her “bitchy” role as Brenda Walsh on “Beverly Hills 90210? teen drama series back in 1990. Unfortunately, in 1994 the producer and writer of the famous hit series, Aaron Spelling, decided that Shannen Doherty had to leave from the show because she was too late in the set. Tabloid magazines said that she got fired because of her bad behavior with the cast. That’s not true, because she’s still good friend with most of the 90210 cast members. After being fired from “Beverly Hills 90210?, she appeared on the cover of the December 1993 issue of American Playboy, entitled “Safe Sex”. Later, she because engaged to director Rob Weiss, but called it off. And on. And off. That year Shannen had the main role of a popular movie called “Mallrats” along with Ben Affleck.
In the fall of 1991, Doherty and Chicago real-estate developer Chris Foufas became engaged. He broke it off less than a year later, because he thought she was cheating on him. He got his six-carat diamond engagement ring back. Doherty’s late-night partying became problematic when she was sometimes late to the 90210 set and irritable when she got there. Later, some 90210 “fans”? inspired to make the “I hate Brenda” newsletter. She became enamored with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and tried repeatedly to meet him - at hotels or backstage after a show. She invited him to be her date for the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards, but he said no. Meanwhile, California United Bank sued Doherty in 1992 for writing bad checks. They garnished her 90210 wages and repossessed two of her Mercedes. She was reportedly more than $32,000 in debt, to repay some of her debts, she appeared in a Slaughter video for $20,000.
In August 1992, Doherty backed out of the Emmy awards. She said it was because her other 90210 cast mates were not invited. Others said it was because she didn’t want to appear with costar Jennie Garth, who was scheduled to speak first. However, she made some TV appearances in the following movies, “Obsessed”, “The Secret of Lost Creek” and a successful film called “Freeze Frame”?. In December 1992, she got into a fight with an aspiring actress named Bonita Money at the Roxbury club on the Sunset Strip. Both women were each charged with misdemeanor battery. A week after the incident, Doherty was booed when she appeared onstage at the Billboard Music Awards, and she lost her endorsement deal with Gitano jeans.
In March 1993, boyfriend Dean Factor alleged that Doherty had hit, kicked and scratched him. She countered that he had punched and slapped her. They eventually made up and moved in together. Two weeks later, Doherty’s landlord filed suit to reclaim $14,000 in back rent and payment for $100,000 in damages to her apartment unit. This year was not very good because she didn’t appeared on Television in any new movie. In April 1993, Factor proposed to Doherty in Hawaii ?then they fought. He admitted that he had thrown ice at her, smacked the back of her head and threw her into a pool. But he said it was all in self-defense. Doherty said that he had been the aggressor. Either way, Doherty returned home with a black eye…and the engagement ring.
While filming Blindfold: Acts of Obsession, Doherty carried on a steamy affair with costar Judd Nelson. Once, after a fight with Factor, she and Nelson went to Dallas, where he became involved in a scuffle at a bar. Nelson accidentally kicked a woman in the nose and received two years of probation. Eventually, Doherty moved out of the home she shared with Factor. She later returned, and he called the cops. He eventually petitioned for a restraining order against her. She married Ashley Hamilton, party-boy son of actor George Hamilton, just two weeks after they met. Surprise! It didn’t last.
In August 1996, Doherty got into an argument with a college student at a cafe and smashed a bottle through his windshield, while he was in the car. She was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. She pleaded no contest to a lesser vandalism charge, paid a $5,400 fine and was ordered to take anger-management classes. In 1998, Aaron Spelling and Doherty reunited and patched their differences, and she starred in his new WB witch show, Charmed. After costar Alyssa Milano started to attract a lot of attention, Aaron Spelling said that either Doherty and Milano had to leave. When Shannen along with her co-star Julian McMahon were promoting the show, the producers called her and told her the whole story, so, Doherty asked to be released from her contract. Producers said no or they will fire her. Shannen said okay and she left after 3 years as Prue Halliwell. After her exit, the hits of the show were not so good as before and that’s why the producer Aaron Spelling offered her a large amount of money to appear for one night episode, the “10 Years High School, Beverly Hills 90210 - Reunion”. That night 90210’s hits were very bad because same day was the final of a reality show called “Survivor”.
In late December 2000, a highway patrol officer in Ventura County, California, spotted Doherty’s pickup truck weaving across freeway lanes. She was arrested after she was found to have a blood-alcohol level of 0.13 percent. She got a $1,500 fine, three years of probation and had to perform community service by speaking to teens about the evils of drunk driving. Mainwhile, Shannen made a horror movie called “Satan’s School for Girls”, the producer was Aaron Spelling, but this movie was made before Spring 2001 when Charmed producers decided that Doherty has to go.
January 2002, Shannen met former boxer and Internet gambling mogul Richard ‘Rick’ Solomon and married him a few months later.
In March 2003, she and party-animal Paris Hilton fought at a Los Angeles club after Doherty caught Hilton chatting with her ex-husband Rick Solomon. Same month, Shannen found another boyfriend called Andrew Levitas, he was an actor but they broke up few days later. (According to Shannen Doherty, she never dated with Andrew Levitas, but some tabloid magazines have pictures, they were kissing outside a restaurant)
In April 2003 the American cable Television SCIFI offered her, the role of the hostess at a new reality show called ‘Scare Tactics’?. Scare Tactics was a series based on Candid Camera, the ratings at first were very good and Scare Tactics became one of the most popular shows in channel’s history. In Octomber 2003, Shannen completed her first search as host of SCIFI’s hidden camera show “Scare Tactics”?, then the channel decided to give another chance to the show. So, they aired half episodes of Season 2 because in May 2003, Shannen Doherty went to the SCIFI offices and said that she couldn’t work for the show anymore because of her busy schedule and her upcoming projects.
A third season of the SCIFI channel’s hidden-camera show, Scare Tactics, starts in October with new host Stephen Baldwin replacing Shannen Doherty. On each show, four scripted segments are designed, with the help of friends and family, to scare the heck out of someone.
After shooting the pilot episode, a woman ? one of seven who were marks in the same prank ? claimed to be traumatized by a stunt pulled on her that involved being abducted by aliens who appeared to kill someone. The suit is in litigation.
In Octomber 2003, Shannen is in talks to allow her image to be used on “Charmed”? including the making of a Prue Halliwell doll and a picture to be placed on the set of the show and old footage of her to be used in flashback episodes, but she said no!
Nowdays, Shannen Doherty has her own show that she’s acting in and producing and it needs all of her attention. She also has another show that she created and sold. It is called “In the Wings”? and Shannen has the role of a Broadway star who lives in New York City. Shannen will be producing it as well, so she need to focus on those two shows for now.
In September 2004 FOX channel (Beverly Hills 90210) offered Shannen Doherty the special guest-role of a “bitchy” woman called Alexandra Hudson on the new FOX series “North Shore”, starring Brooke Burns (Julian McMahon’s ex-wife). Shannen entered that show to save it, because the ratings were not that good. But nothing changed in “North Shore’s? ratings and that’s why in December 2004, FOX channel decided to cut short “North Shore” filming.
Producers told cast and crew on Friday that the hour-long drama will shut down December 17 2004 and not return in January 2005 to complete filming as planned.
“North Shore” stars Kris Polaha, Brooke Burns, Jason Momoa, James Remar, Amanda Righetti and Shannen Doherty. Producers hoped that Doherty’s addition in September would spike ratings, but they continued to be marginal. “North Shore,? which debuted in June, was the first of three Oahu-based series this year. Fox executives said the show had to find its audience with the uncommon summer launch, but that hasn’t happened.
Each “North Shore”? episode costs about $2.3 million, with $1.5 million, or 65 percent, spent here. The production employs 60-65 local crew members, several local stand-ins and hundreds of extras.
The state will begin about 11 months of an extensive demolition-renovation-grading project at the film studio in February. FOX has a month-to-month revocable permit for use of the studio and has only told state officials it will wrap Dec. 17. It has not canceled its agreement.
March 2005, according to New York Post (online edition), Shannen Doherty has been romantically linked to MICROSOFT billionaire, Paul Allen - after Shannen gave him her number at a recent party. As of this year he is ranked by “FORBES” magazine as the 5th richest, worth an estimated $21 billion, $5 billion of which is in Microsoft stock.
Doherty attended a party at New York nightclub Pink Elephant in honour of co-owner David Cabo’s birthday - and she quickly caught they eye of the software tycoon as she danced with her girlfriends.
Paul Allen eventually plucked up courage to talk to Doherty and she gave him her phone number.
A party-goer tells gossip website PAGESIX.COM (Section of “New York Post”), She gave it to him, after joking that she’d trade it for some Microsoft stock.
In April 2005, according to Hollywood resources, the network (UPN) is close to signing Doherty for the lead role in its comedy pilot “Wingwoman”? (renamed later in May 2005 to ‘Love, Inc.’) which centers on a matchmaker who’s good at finding mates for her male clients but less successful in her own love life. Reagan Gomez-Preston (”?Beauty Shop”).
One month later, Shannen fired from that show before the premiere! “Just last week UPN had her onstage at its upfront presentation to advertisers, plugging her new sitcom Love, Inc., about an unloved dating service executive. But she was sacked Wednesday, even before she’d had time to slug or scream at anybody on the set.” TVGuide.com says.
Preview audiences viewing the new comedy were “not responding to her“, according to TVGuide.com, which reported that she’s been cut. Now, however, Doherty will be replaced in the role (as Denise Johnson).
Besides Doherty, among the show’s stars is Holly Robinson Peete. The program is executive produced by former NBC Entertainment President Warren Littlefield.
It doesn’t means that Shannen Doherty is untalent or she can’t get new roles because she got fired from her previous sitcom ‘Love, INC.’ In September 2005, Shannen got a leading and interesting role as Faith Clavell for the upcoming (November 6,13 2005) mini-series, “Category 7: The End of the World”
“Category 7: The End of the World” is a new four-hour event mini-series by the same team behind the successful “Category 6: Day of Destruction” mini-series. The movie will be broadcast as the “CBS Sunday Movie” on Sunday, Nov. 6 and 13 at 9PM (prime-time zone) on the CBS Television Network.
The movie begins where “Category 6: Day of Destruction” ended, as the ultimate superstorm continues to build in size. As the disastrous storm gathers even more strength and begins to ravage the rest of the world, FEMA’s newly appointed director, Judith Carr (Gershon), has her hands full preparing for a cataclysmic storm in the U.S. Aiding weather forecasters is storm chaser Tommy Tornado (Quaid), convalesced from his near-death experience in the Category 6 storms and ready for more, and Faith Clavell (Doherty), a beautiful, discredited scientist who teams up with Tommy on the ground to figure out what is making the storms so severe. Up in the sky, pilot Col. Mike Davis (Skerritt) flies high above the storm to try to find what in the atmosphere is causing the storms. Meanwhile, a television evangelist and his wife, Donny and Penny Hall (Brolin and Kurtz) preying on the fears of a storm battered nation, begin to broadcast alarming warnings of biblical plagues. As the predictions begin to come true, the deadly storm continues to wreak havoc worldwide, culminating in a record-setting Category 7 superstorm over Washington, D.C.
In March 2006, there were flying rumours that Shannen Doherty was going to return back on ‘Charmed’ final-episode because IMDB (International Movies DataBase) listed Shannen’s name under -Charmed’s last episode guest list.
Unfortunately, Brad Kern, executive producer of The WB’sCharmed, told SCI FI Wire that he didn’t ask original cast member Shannen Doherty to join a host of returning actors for the series’ upcoming finale and added that he had his reasons. Doherty’s character, Prue Halliwell, was killed off in 2001; though the series’ magical storylines would have allowed the return of the character, Kern said: “There are a lot of issues, mostly internal and financial, as to why we didn’t ask Shannen back.” He added in an interview on the show’s set on March 28: “Prue’s memory will be kept [alive] and be honored, but we didn’t ask Shannen to come back. … The show is more about the sisters who are here, not the one who’s not.” Indeed, the character of Paige (played by Rose McGowan starting in 2001) has been on the series longer than Doherty’s Prue.
April 2, 2006 few days before Shannen Doherty’s 35th birthday, and her former 90210-co star Tori Spelling, spoofs her own life on a faux-reality show. A refreshing treat, the quirky satire called So noTORIous follows the trials and tribulations of L.A.’s original heir-head. In dramatic fashion, the buxom blond tells her fears of running into former co-star and bad girl, Shannen Doherty, a fall-out with her wacky mother, played by Loni Anderson, and being type-cast as the epitome of 90210.
There was a scene, in which Tori hides inside a sex shop to avoid a run-in with Doherty.
Later, she flashes back to her “90210? days and Doherty — quoting from the script — appears as a “gigantic, towering shadow,” and talks like “Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist.’ ”
Spelling declined to comment, but a source close to “So noTORIous” insists the bit merely plays off a joke. But according to Doherty’s publicist, Leslie Sloane, her client would not be laughing. Doherty, she says, would be “very, very hurt.
June, the cable-station ‘Oxygen’ offered Shannen her own reality-show called “Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty”. The show has been scheduled to premiere at 6th August 2006. It’s a show about breaking relationships. For instance, if you want to break up with your significant other and you don’t know how to tell him/her you call Shannen Doherty and she does the “dirty job”.
6 July 2006, Star Jones got fired from the popular US-talk show “The View” and ABC offered to Shannen Doherty Ms. Jone’s position for two days at 31 July and 1st August till they hire a permanent co-host (rumored to be Rosie O’Donell).
    In November of 2007 Shannen's new movie "Christmas Caper" premiered on ABCfamily's 25 days of Christmas.Shannen has just got done shooting a new movie called "Kiss me deadly" that is scheduled to air in May.